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Coffee Lounge

The Munitions business coffee lounge, is Shell Store's coffee shop run by Hereford based brand, The Coffee Cart Company, open from 7am - 4pm Monday - Friday.

Freshly prepared food

Vegan & gluten free options

Barista coffee

Delivery to your Meetings

The Munitions offers a wide selection of speciality coffees, loose leaf teas and an assortment of soft drinks, fresh sandwiches, quiches, and pastries. For meetings with groups of up to 15 persons, who have not pre-booked catering requirements and do not wish to use the Business Coffee Lounge, simply scan our QR code to choose and order and we will be deliver to any of the meeting rooms for your breakfast, brunch, lunch or afternoon tea requirements.

Meeting & Event Catering

Aside to the business coffee lounge The Munitions provides a corporate catering service for meetings, events and conferences. Breakfast for the early birds, brain food for your board meetings, packed lunches through to impressive grazing tables to liven up your team’s lunch, whether your engaging special clients or hosting a large show case event we have a wide array of contemporary options available to suit your dietary requirements. For corporate catering arrangements prior to your event please contact and we will provide you with suitable options for every budget.

The History

The Munitions takes it name from the historic use of Shell Store and the building that it once was. Built during the First World War and used as an ordnance site in the Second World War, The Shell Store has played a significant role in the history of Hereford. The once munition factory has been renovated as part of a £7.3million project to create a high quality commercial space built within the existing building footprint. Retaining much of the original factory including its steel roof structure, the historic building has been transformed into a flagship business incubation and innovation centre. The Munitions has kept this history alive by adopting much of the original building use into it's decor as possible.

The Coffee Cart Company

Coffee Cart Co was first started by James Gardner in 1999 who as a recent graduate returned to his hometown of Hereford. Whilst working on a stall in High Town and having travelled to other cities around the country realised there were few places offering quality espresso-based coffees. Since that day, James and Sarah have evolved and developed a great team with 3 locations in Hereford: High Town Hereford, My Coffee Corner, Old Market, and the latest addition the Munitions coffee lounge in Rotherwas. With their speciality own roasted coffee an unwavering focus on delivering products and service in their own coffee cart way has resulted in them being recognised as an established local independent business to the people and the fabric of the city of Hereford.

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