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About us

We believe in the power of coworking and providing amazing spaces for people to work and connect with others.

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More than a great workspace...

Magic happens when like-minded people come together.

Explore collaborative working, share your knowledge, experiences and learn from others in space conducive to development and growth. All factors that help make creating and running a business more exciting, enjoyable and successful.

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A great network

Supporting freelancers, start-ups, small businesses and social enterprises in Hereford. Shell Store is powered by Town Square, a network of like-minded hubs located across the country. By joining Shell Store, you’ll be part of the network, giving you access to workspaces in towns and cities across the country and the opportunity to connect with even more like minded businesses.

Whether you’re already in business or you are just about to embark on your enterprise journey, Shell Store is the place to make it happen.

Our members

Powered by TownSq

TownSq supports communities across the country by creating spaces where individual entrepreneurs, startups and growing business can build great things.

A certified B Corp member, Town Square recognises that business is a source for good in the community. With a growing network of established spaces across the UK, TownSq are a driving catalyst of enterprise change. More than just spaces, we connect and empower individuals and organisations to grow.

Cariann Emanuelli

Operations Director

Cariann is Operations Director for TownSq providing financial and admin support.

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Carl Turner

Community Director

Carl is the Community Director for TownSq, covering spaces all over the country.

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Gareth Jones

Founder & CEO

Gareth co-founded TownSq with Mandy Weston in 2017 to take their innovative, community-focused approach around the UK – to create a TownSq in every town square.

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Julia Lowther

Hub Assistant

Julia is Hub Assistant at Shell Store. She is the back bone of making things tick within the business.

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Mandy Weston

Founder & COO

Mandy co-founded TownSq with Gareth Jones in 2017 to take their innovative, community-focused approach around the UK – to create a TownSq in every town square.

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Scott Coxshall

Hub Manager

Scott is Hub Manager at Shell Store.  

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Making an impact.

"I do feel like some of the members especially, and the team there – they’re not just ‘someone that I work with’– I would call them friends."

Lyndsey from LCL Virtual Admin

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